Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have kept them up even though they are drooping.  It comforts me to know how they feel about the heat :).  This hot season has been rather warm if I do say so.  They started drooping  just a bit and then it continued.  My curiosity has to see just how much they will droop before rainy season and cooler weather arrive.

I love candles and good smells lingering through the house!  Growing up, from morning until bedtime it seemed as though we always had a candle going.  While I have been teased, the candles came with me to Togo and I am so glad!  A good cup of tea, a great smelling candle, and music can just about make a frumpy day into a party day.

This was taken early in the morning- if you can see the temperature :)  It got much hotter!

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