Monday, May 9, 2011

Mango Mania

I love mango season!  Almost every morning, I look forward to a mango smoothie.  Oh so yummy!  It seems as though mangos are everywhere.  I have a mango tree in my yard and Callie has become a mango monkey.  I heard squeals this afternoon and looked out to see what she was making noise about.  Sure enough, I see why she is upset.  There is a long stick coming over our 7 foot wall and into our yard- specifically on high and into her mango tree.  The little neighbor boy must be craving a mango and is attempting to hit one loose.  :)  I'm for sure not the only one who enjoys mango season!


  1. OK, TOTALLY jealous! Having grown up on Magoes it totally irritates me that they cost over $1 each here in the wonderful US of A!

  2. Oh, wish I could send one through to you!

  3. BEAUTIFUL BLOG, Lisa! Mango smoothie! Sounds wonderful. :) Looking forward to keeping up with your life there through your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    We have little ants in our kitchen. Actually, they have been with us for about a month. Every time I squish one, I think to pray for you.

    Love you, Lisa!

  4. Well, I am thrilled I am getting prayed for, however, sorry you have ants. I promise I didn't send mine your way! :) they are still hanging out here :) but thankfully have become less as the rains have started.

    Thanks bunches! You are such an encourager!

  5. So glad you have started a blog. Now I will have an opportunity to know just how to pray for you. We pray for you daily and are thankful that you are having a fruitful ministry there. You are such a beautiful person...inside and out. Love ya!

  6. Awesome Lisa, I love it. Mango muffins, yummy. Enjoy I wish I was in Togo enjoying them also, we miss the fruit so much.

  7. Hi Love!!!
    So thankful the Lord has put a tree right in your yard. And yes, I can just see Miss Callie having a protective "fit" over her invaded territory. Give her a little hug from me!!! And keep enjoyint those smooties!!!! Love you, Mom

  8. Sorry about the typos. I meant


    smoothies:)I should have previewed it first:)

  9. Mrs. Wilson, thanks a bunch for all the prayers! You and Dave are such a blessing!

    Mom, I am sending you over a smoothie and giving Callie a hug for you...maybe I won't tell her it's from you though- she might growl at me :)

    Tiffany, I wish I could send you a care package of fruit. I have a feeling there would be some happy and full mail men though :)